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A-sksksk, and I oop, mhm (Ugh, NIKHEDONIA)
Hi, you must be new? Mhm
Yeah, this is my new hydro flask
Oh, you don't have one?
A-sksksk, and I oop, and I oop

[Verse 1: damienfarron]
First, I dropped out, then I went and chased riches
Y'all went to school and I went to f*ck b*tches (Oh!)
My di*k so long, they call that extra inches
I'm at yo' crib and I f*ck on yo' princess
I like dumb b*tches, ones with blonde, red or pink hair
I'm the type of dude that you be seeing in your nightmares
If your b*tch a thot, I'm-a f*ck her on your arm chair
Pound her so good, I punched the highlights out her pus*y hair
Sksksksksk – all she ever do (Woo!)
I was at the studio, she text me "And I oop!" (Oop!)
I just told that b*tch to pick up loud, I don't want boof (Boof!)
Lean up in my hydro flask, I'm crazy with the juice (Juice!)
She only wanna f*ck me 'cause I'm something special
Tell her I'm autistic, she ain't on my level
She get really triggered, popping Red Devils
b*tch, you so retarded, I think you need a medal

E-girls running 'round me like a merry-go-round
I'm putting that pus*y in a burial ground
Orbit this di*k like it's Abby Brown
Singing "Ring a Ring o' Roses" as they all go down
Sksksk, and I oop, and I oop
If you don't like me, you can lick my gooch
Pull up and dunk on your b*tch, alley-oop
Curse you with a stroke, face droop, face droop
Walking 'round like a Minecraft zombie
Fall to the ground after one weed brownie
Smacked your girl, she look like a downie
Don't beef with me, you'll look like a clownie
CJ Peck is a stupid carnist
They eat meat 'cause they're retarded
Liam wrote those bars, don't hold me accountable

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