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Das Racist

"Let 'em In"

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
Motherf*cker turn the speaker up
Pacquiao on the tracks, wanna beat him up
Cold blooded but f*ck it, I’m 'bout to heat it up
And make it more mannish than a lesbian with a Bieber cut
Ice grilling don’t fight your feelings of hatred
My haters is Kelly Rowland, they motivation
I take a pauper and make him into a king
And network with my connections, a few of my favorite things
Votive candles, pretty pearl handles
I banned you n*ggas, you corny as socks with sandals
Brooklyn is stocked with vandals and gangsters of all stripes
Hustlers and dealers, we made up of all types
Up all night like Drake and Nicki, I know I can’t take it with me
Why you n*ggas suck like you making hickies
That’s why you never win
Opportunity knock, you better let 'em in

Knocking so let 'em in, knocking so let 'em in
That’s right, I’m knocking so let 'em in
Opportunity in the flesh, knocking, so let 'em in

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Now dude I’m the coolest fly n*gga, no stewardess
Hottest n*gga doing it, then them n*ggas pursuing it
Used to be a hooligan, money nothing new to him
Now my pockets fat like a motherf*cking buddha man
But that ain’t what I came for, never with the same ho
Nowadays n*ggas sweet like a mango
Forget a hater, f*ck y’all like Bang Bros
Pistol on me, make a n*gga do a tango
Ha! Ok, money on my mind frame
Opportunity knocking it's like a mind game
I copped a Roley yo, holy moly the time change
And I’m a dog but can’t remember my vet name
Damn, I hear the hood call me back again
Treat 'em like the n*gga David and let them in
I say let 'em in
Treat 'em like the n*gga David and let them in


[Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
Many are called but few are chosen to keep the movement going
I’m in the booth beholden to the truth, keeping your juices flowing
I move the music like producers when I shoot the low and
Horns and flutes is blowing, we shining because the youth is golden
We get the beat on the grid like this was Tron
Rocking to Daft Punk, hitting like a stoner with his last blunt
Son, you just getting a pun I dropped last month
Will battle, will travel like I have gun
Have fun when I'm rocking it so consistently
That’s why these crabs run when I'm dropping it so efficiently
You try to front at first but you got to love it eventually
The MC conversation ain't complete until you mention me
Rapper of the century, writer of the millennium
Describer of desire, fire of the rookie
With the wisdom of a veteran, prescriber of the medicine
Opportunity in the flesh, knocking so let 'em in


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