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Das Racist

"Swann Gangg"

(Yo, when I was just a little boy
My grandma used to sing me a little song
And it went, and it went like this)

Rap rap music

Silly babies running sh*t
Silly babies running sh*t
Swann Gangg, Swann Gangg
This sh*t is the raw, man
f*ck your favorite anything
You f*cking suck at everything
You f*cking suck for anything
Nickel, socks, go!

[Verse 1: Lakutis]
Me and D go and the pageantries roll out
The dancers get dolled up
The elephants dub down
The tigers get sucked off
You and your mans get f*cked up
The marmosets jumps up and stab a b*tch

Catch me slam dancing in the pit
Like Lazarus
Something corny like the industry
f*cked up
The bones have been picked clean
But Myer gets laughed up
The point is I'm the man
Just pick up the e-chain

All you little birches get dusted out
Suck it
All you f*cking Fergusons my mother f*cking sons and sh*t
Like my name was Clarissa and my father was an architect
b*tch hair, Birkenstocks, everything!

Dead like my father was a carpenter
I ain't have no father why my sh*t be so immaculate
I'm the richest man cause mines is the purest avarice
Mines is the finest advocates
Picture a f*cking tarantula

[Hook x2]
f*ck your favorite anything
You f*cking suck at everything
You f*cking suck for anything
Swann Gangg genesis

[Verse 2: DVS]
You now rocking with the young John Belushi
I spit sh*t in your champagne
Cough on your sushi
My sick, sinister campaign
All the girls try to sue me and this
This is a damn shame, so many groupies

Street urchin, market a beast
Up on a fleece, when ya seen him
Seen a marketing genius
I guess I'm open
Told by Serena to peace
But ya'll saw loving
Talking to Venus

It's the DVS, opposite of a Seacrest
Top of the heap, here, playa
Chopping your weak chest
To be the man you gotta beat the man
You need a manager?
Just deliver your pizza man

Top bridges knocking on ya'll bidness
Give me guap that's what Willis is talking about, b*tches
(Remember, the show?)
f*ck ya'll if you don't feel this
Swann Gangg was a popular group - and still is

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Lakutis]
I flow both ages
Oh, dope shapeshift
Kevin so blow
With goat rope
With the Oasics

So flagrant
Running the place ragin'
I leavin' the whole nation
Is royalty, bodacious

Got the Kiwi Capri-Sun
See, son, each one, beseech one
Beast ball, b*tch
Brando apocalypse
Now re-dub
Daddy Warbucks, Mommy Mean Mugs
Hold me on this sh*t
No refunds!

Piff to the Matrix
Lipton Brisk ass mix
b*tch, get a face lift
I spit liquid amazin'
I drink liquor with bacon
I don't think you can visit my station

Screaming keep Yerk out the moon roof
Till my feet hurt
Leaving out the teeth, Burt
Hoop out the Jeep, sir

I'm back on my Deepak Chopra
Relax, I spit the crack that could relapse over ya

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