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Das Racist


[Hook: Ryan Leslie]
Girl you're outstanding
From your hips to your thighs
It's [effortless?] how you standing out
Girl you're outstanding
So let's not waste no time
Let's get it girl cause tonight it's ours, yeah

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
While you walking, everybody watching you closely
Hitting them high notes, nothing about you low key
Just let it register, body is unreal
Was animated like Jessica...
Rabbit a cartoon, wanna stab like a harpoon
These dudes is dry; the club a desert
Your body like an oasis
The thirst is so real, you can see it all in they faces
Especially when you drop it low, baby you gotta know
Girl you be killing them, filling them with all kind of hope
Dude on the block that be selling dope
By the shoes and the watch you can tell he's broke
Tell him stop with the lies he telling folks, you can't see with a telescope
Celebrating, holding glasses up like Sara Palin nose
Love it in the club when the fellows go
But you hate that your hair gotta smell like smoke
They ask you what is hitting for
n*gga try to fix the prices, never dealt with chicks before
You ain't got your liquor license, still you down to live your life
If dude is down to split the slice of pie... you like the master active fly
Until you hit it right
Hey you girl with the tight up-skirt
In the back of the club where they light up purp'
Known to drop it like a stripper, with her night off work
They make it rain and you stuffing dollars right in your, purse


[Verse 2: Ryan Leslie]
You just looking for somebody that can fill in the spot
Fill in the blank, yeah shorty, you've been sipping a lot
Feeling the drink, as it seeps to your head
You erase your regrets
Throw another shot back, as you race to forget
Yeah the night just started, we both parted from ex love
Sleep won't make you forget him baby but sex does
Swear you ain't looking for no one night stand
But you prepared to risk it all for that one right man
Ask me, let's have a toast to your future
I know you belong to
Leave your ex in the past, don't let him haunt you
The last argument was world war III, but follow me
I introduce you to that bourgeoisie
Talk is cheap, welcome to the R. Les show
You'll be my Brigitte Bardot, I'll be your Serge Gainsbourg
Give you what you came for, let me get that car door
Have you ever made love in the Lambo Gallardo

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