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"TWICE - Sweet Talker (English Translation)"

Ah-ooh-ah, Sweet Talker!

You seduced me with your sweet words
You made my heart beat with your clear eyes
Yeah come to me like that

My friends try to stop me telling me it’s wrong (Why!)
They say I’ve been tricked because I’m stupidly good-hearted
But what can I do (What can I do)
My heart is beating (Oh no, Oh no, Oh no)

I don’t know the details how what kind of person he is, but
Stop worrying, I don’t know, I can’t hear you, I’ll take care of it myself
Get a hold of yourself!
What can I do, I like him I can’t come to my senses

Don’t listen Sweet Talker! Sweet Sweet Talker
I’ve grown weak because of you
You shook my heart You You
My head is full of You You You

Don’t fall for it Sweet Talker!
Sweet Sweet Talker
Please hold still my thumping heart Woo-wuh-uh
No one can stop me, I wonder if you know how I feel
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