Rough Cut lyrics

Egyptian Lover

It's now time to lay a rap about the cold hard streets
People strugglin hard just tryina make ends meet
I just stand tough, hold down my beat
Never understand the meaning of the word 'defeat'
So you say it's like that and that's the way it is
But when I'm on the microphone it goes somethin like this
Body-breakin, booty-shakin, the money for the makin
You just put it in my pocket cause you know I gotta take it

It's rough, it's tough
Let me see if you can hack my stuff

It's rough, rough, rough, rough

It's rough, it's tough
We gonna rock you till you get enough

It's rough
It's rough

Russians got a thing about shooting down planes
They did it before, now they're doin it again
Can't you see that this world is comin to an end?
I wish that everyone would just go make friends
You're tellin me sh*t about the friendly skies
But to me it's all just a big pack of lies
Sit at your TV set, get all hypnotized
But it's about time that you realized

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