I’m In The Room lyrics

Egyptian Lover

Ah ha (X4)
He’s been too hot for the back ground
Ah ha (X4)
We show up yeah
We in the parking lots we already f**ked up
n***a off all kinds of lickas and sh*t
All kinds a motherf**kin dranks f**k it

[Verse 1]
Northern California, that’s where I reside
My favorite weapon of choice is an MP5
A lot of my guys in the cas a lot of them still alive
Some by lethal injection some on sentence to life
I went from pushin leaves to pushin pods and keys
Got the game from deda rams when I was a rookie
She over dancin like she wanna f**k
I’m the in fountain hotel ugh
Redbull and yegan ister in my motherf**kin cup
Backin it up like a garbage truck that ass lookin lovely
Lookin back at me like come get this monkey
She says she like it rough but I don’t hand cuff
She always come back caz she can’t get enough

I’m in the room
b*t*h the center of all attention
I step in that motherf**ker mayne
They look at me, I look at em back I say Hello
Hello, heller, hello
I’m in the Room
In the room mayne yes in the devotion
The facility, the building, the party, the grind
I’m in the room

[Verse 2]
Zero zero I tie into something
Get of that jacket and clean out ya pocket
It’s on site, window tied for duckin
You scary ass b*t*hes can’t do no f**kin
Ay I get on that wig
Giggle on that wig like a gorilla to a chimp
Aye lights camera action
Flash on that ass like camera action
Bossed up on that ass go get em
All I hear is civil back simple
Am I wrong for hitting your chick or am I right for hitting your b*t*h


[Verse 3]
The champ is here don’t let ya girlfriend
Or ya boyfriend stamped in here
Ugh my heart pumps faith
Ya heart pumps fear I can see it in ya face
Ugh valet boy magazine spree
I don’t count sheep I count money when I sleep
Before I f**k that hoe I’ll beat my meat
My little homie told her pu**y hella stink
I’m cold like freon, I glow like neon
I’m far from a peon
Gettin high like Cleon
Getting dusty in the wind like motherf**ka
Ridin robitussin car pouches


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