Egyptian Lover

It's in my DNA-ehay-ehay-ehay (that's right)
So let the music play-ehay-ehay (let it, let it)
It's in my DNA-ehay-ehay-ehay (rock wid it)
I was born to shut it down

Rye Rye

Eh, It's natural
I don't need no Adderall
And just let the beat bump
And Imma make yo bodies jump
All my chickas reports to the dance floor
Or, better yet, sweat our your dance pores
Pull out cho weaves
Done for
These n***as run the world, I rep fo um

We get stupid, we get dumb
Party all night
Till we numb
I got shades on, forget a hater
And don't be throwing no ass in tha ...?
That's right, that's right
We can keep these n***as till they turn on the lights
Let's go, Let's go
Cause a party ain't a party till you put on a show
Natural killah-killah
Now my body move realer-realer
Up in the club, screamin' we don't give a f**k

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