b*tch lyrics

Egyptian Lover

[Chorus: Vincent Tolan]
n***a, don't act like a (b*t*h!)
That's why I don't got love for a (b*t*h!)
Oh, that's why Too $hort and E-40 say (b*t*h!)
So homey, please don't marry that (b*t*h!)
And that's why I'll never be a (b*t*h!)
[E-40 - over last two lines]
Don't do it!
$hort holla at 'em

[Verse 1: Too $hort]
See me, I get everything I wanna get
I have some fun with it, and make her momma trip
Cause if I'm in her life, it's a problem
A real player's at your girl, you better stop him

Turn your back on the b*t*h she ain't actin right
He hit it way before you now he's back in her life
What'chu gon' do when you lose her?
She got a n***a on the side just to use her
If it's me, I'm parkin at the front do'
And you be knockin on her bedroom window
You see the shadows, you hear the sounds
But you don't do nothin you just turn back around
Like a (b*t*h!) Feelings hurt, ready to cry
You cain't believe, everything she said was a lie
She got a lot of b*t*h in her but not more than you
I never underestimate what these whores'll do

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