All I Need

Egyptian Lover

(All that I)
(This world)

Let these fools know

(You been so good to me)

The game's been good to me
My fans been good to me

The money been good to me

All I need though is this sh*t

[Verse 1:]
Talkin about I be rappin off track
Some of you square suckers be tryina say E-40 wack
Do your due dilligence in your research 'fore I pimp my pen
If you ain't never lived it and done it, you can't comprehend
I'm a fixture, a factor, somethin that you ain't
Respect my rank, you got none of that, point blank
I'm one of your favorite MC's favorite MC
Ask they ass, they know me
Bet you they tell you "That boy right there got flows and creativity
That's the big homie"
I'm authentic and real, I'm far from bein phoney
Originality is a must whenever I bust
Before I got into the rap game I was hustlin on the hush
Rock it up (?) dust, same color as pie crust
Penitentiary chances, shackles, chains and handcuffs
The first rapper talkin about triple-beam scales
Choppers, drought seasons and sh*t like that
I got some real n***as that'll vouch for that
Might not know how to freestyle but my rhymes'll paint a picture
f**k bein a lyricist, I'm a f**kin game spitter
Pandemonium and chaos the price of bein a boss
That come with the package, I'm a savage, slightly throwed off
Grew up on $hort and Freddie B, Magic Mike and Calvin T
Dolemite and Blowfly, KRS and Ice-T
Melle Mel and Spoonie, just to name a few
UTFO, Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa, too

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