Egyptian Lover

[Verse 1]
Like the sound of thunder and without a blunder
Spinning on the wheels it's the yellow-skinned wonder
So keep your body moving stay right on time
'Cause like Yella, the music's on your mind
Well I remember, just a little while back
When the DJs was starting to disco scratch
One was DJ Yella of the Wreckin' Cru
They came from everywhere just to see
A Yella throwin' down at the E.A.D
The Eve After Dark soon became the Penthouse
But that didn't stop Yella from turning it out
Because Yella cut the record down to the bone
And Lonz got me rocking on the microphone
Yeah He can cut so fast he's lightning quick
'Cause all it takes is just a flick of his wrist!


[Verse 2]
So move your butt and shake your hips
Because he's taking you on a party trip
I'm not talking about a preacher or talking 'bout school
Not teaching Sunday class or the golden rule
I didn't mention stars, science and such
Because I'm talking 'bout the one that makes you swing your butt
Yella Master rocks and he's calling the shot
With a sure-fire mix to dance you out your socks
Yella took a test to be the best
You see he scored so high he put down all the rest
The answer is clear, there's no question [?]
Of who's the best DJ that's cutting it fast
Yella is the one mixing so precise
So all you other DJs take this advice
Ya don't be a fool and try to slice
'Cause when you go against Yella you'll pay the price

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