The Coldest Rap lyrics

Egyptian Lover

[Verse 1: Ice-T]
Some people claim that I'm born to play
'Cause I'm your Ice-T on a sunny day
I make the goers come, the leavers stay
I make the lovers kiss and the workers play
I make the runners walk, the quiet talk
I bust so viciously, I make the blind man see
I'm the ladies' cream, the virgins' wet dream
I got that kind of movement that makes the young girls fiend
I'm tired of these DJs going around
Talking about how they go down to town
'Cause I'm the best Rapper that you have found
So all you lovely ladies, let's party down
Take all your rapping records, throw them in the trash
Ice-T is the only brother that you got to blast
Hook up the stereo, turn up the watts
We're gonna rock 'til the n***as call up the cops
We rock rock y'all with no fear, and
If you don't dig it turn off your ears
We rock rock y'all and keep on, and
If you don't dig it take your damn self home
'Cause I'm a player, the best alive
I prefer fast money to a Nine-to-Five
From the womb to the tomb, I run my game
'Cause I'm cold as ice, and I show no shame

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