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Gucci Mane


[Verse 1: Young Dolph]
I f*cked up and fell in love with the streets
Made my first 6 figures off of drugs with her
Smoking weed with the robbers, sipping syrup with killas
Sunday morning I'm in church but I'm a drug dealer
This relationship that we share is unbreakable
Your spot b*tch you got in my heart is irreplaceable
Grandma tried her best to get me to stay away from you
Remember when I got locked and I caught my first case with you
You taught these f*ck n*ggas and shaste b*tches that's why my mothaf*cking trigga finger always itchin'
They want me to leave you alone since I started rapping
Dolph saying goodbye to the streets that would never happen

[Interlude: Young Dolph]
For real
Its like no matter what I do
Where I go
What I'm doing
Whereever I'm met
Across the country doing shows
f*cking bad hoes
Always wanna go back to the trap
Amen, damn

[Verse 2: Trinidad James]
I love the streets that's why I'm f*cking up in high school
I'm breaking rules selling shoes skipping homeroom
I've seen the youngest n*ggas pull up on the [?]
On the old school [?] n*gga trunk slaming
In the streets you can be a ho
In these streets you can be a boss
You wanna be a hood n*gga you gotta make a choice
Either selling hard n*gga or your playing sports
Ain't no diploma in these streets just mo' drama
Side b*tches who ain't sh*t jelous baby mamas
I done made it out the streets thank god I started rapping
But those streets are still in me damn i miss trapping

[Interlude: Young Dolph]
Like all I know is these streets
These streets made me bruh
For real

[Verse 3: Shy Glizzy]
My future looking scary
I keep on selling heroin
Screaming free the gang f*ck the victim and the jury
Just cop me some jewelry
Your b*tch tell me she dare me
Diamonds very pretty [?] my eyes blurry
Young Jefe
I'ma stunna you a bumma
Shawty what's your number
I said a lot of narcotics, I swear I don't want it
I'm looking for some other rappers with some good numbers
Label me with the flyest
Label me with the highest
If I supply it they buy it
I used to run it [?]
All of this money piling
I just can't say goodbye to it

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