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Gucci Mane

"Is You Kiddin Me"

Smokin weed ,poppin pills,sippin sirup
Drinkin hen,f*ckin b*tches,chasin money
Till the mutherf*ckin end ,baby
It doens't even matter,all the money
In the cars man ,it doesn't even matter,baby

[Verse 1]
Imma ride fo this b*tch,till I Die of
In this b*tch
On the hump,for the money,open eyes
Out this b*tch
Is you a friend of me?Is you a enemy?
Is you purpotratin,is you kiddin me?
Gettin bottles,sippin ??? get this money
Is you with me when they clapin
Don't be runnin
All my partners smokin weed,poppin pills
Sippin sirup,drinkin hen,f*ckin b*tches
Gettin money till the mutherf*ckin end
Can't be real in tha game full of suckers
When the Masee rollin up,all the b*tches
Wann f*ck us.Stop Bluffin!
Now I know you n*ggas real well
Shoot you in/and you still tell
Bout to get my n*gga on tha pill'ber
Man you gon seen dat sh*t real,when the ??? come out
These rap n*ggas poppin pills and they homo come out
Is that cocaine juice,pap-blues ,stacks,brown-paper bag
Got the dealer ,tell that n*gga
Throw the roof back

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