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Gucci Mane

"Keys Under Palm Trees"

[Verse 1]
Hear the Devil callin', I can hear 'em
It's like, I get chills down my spine, when I'm near him
Man, I'm a tad too bad, I don't fear him
I don't need the preachers, I'm the high priestess
Everywhere I go, I get "Hi, nice to meet you."
b*tches know I beast this, I'm the fashionistis
And they know, I stay around the white, like a groom
Look up in the sky, I see somebody on a broom
I think I'm gettin' hi-high-hi-high, on my own supply
Yellin' "Rasta, alright! " when I'm ridin' by
See, I used to be the wife, of a king
Back when I was smugglin' them things, in the bing
Now that I'm a boss b*tch, it's a win-win
Come to Mr. Chow's, or meet me in Chin-Chin
Now I get'cha ching & my name bells ring -
Oops, I mean my name ring bells, ding ding!

I'm in Jamaica with them keys, under palm trees
The leprechaun sees, what my palm reads
And if my heart seize, please call my aunties
I think them girls tellin', I hear them boys yellin'

Get down, get down, get down down
Get d- get down, get down, get down down
Get down, get down, get down down
Get down, get down on the ground
Get down, get down on the ground

[Verse 2]
Man, f*ck a P0, and f*ck a C0
'Bout to "Set It Off", like Cleo
Mad, they done tapped my Treo
Bagged my skio, heard the b*tch lyin' like Leo
Anyway, I'm the ninja, Kawasaki blazin'
In a kimono, "Konichiwa" to the Asians
I kick, kick, kick it like I'm Bruce Lee's son
So all of that yellin' in the street soon done
Cause if I take my ski mask off, then I'm dumbin'
The young Chaka Khan, yes - "I Am Every Woman"
And I am 'bout that coke, not what'cha put the rum in
Say a little prayer, tell the Lord that I'm comin' (comin')


Can you hear the yellin'?
Comin' for me, comin' for me-e-e-e
Comin' for me, comin' for me, comin' for me

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