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"Going Bad (TruTh Remix)"

[Post-Chorus: Drake & TruTh]
I left your love at Magic, now it's all shade
Still going bad on you anyway
(Yeah, aye, yeah, aye, yeah, aye, look)

[Verse 1: TruTh]
I ain't f*cking rich but I need that sh*t, yeah
I ain't got no clip, b*tch I'll plead the fifth, yeah
My girl she a trip, make you bleed n' sh*t, aye
Don't f*ck with my guys cause I get mean and sh*t, aye
What the f*ck don’t you understand man?
Knock your ass out, like I was Sandman
I’ll be rising up, like my name was Clark Kent
All except I’m evil, more like I’m a demon, aye (demon, aye)
Hold the phone, stop your flight, yeah
This boy got horns, he ain’t alright, yeah
No he ain’t holy, he don’t cry
This the damn kid ain’t afraid to die
(This the damn kid ain't afraid to die
No he ain't holy, he don't cry
This boy got horns, he ain't alright
This boy got horns, no, he ain't right)

[Chorus: Drake]
Just a lil' 10 piece for her, just to blow it in the mall
Doesn't mean that we involved, I just.. what? I just.. uh

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