Happy Birthday

Emily Reo

Oh in time i said i'd make you mine
And oh someday things would go our way
Well i flew in the sky, way up in the sky
And i have to say, i really gotta say
As the clouds passed by grazing my sides
They pulled me into space, deep in outer space
And the stars lined brightly all around me
On the day we said goodbye i tried not to cry
But it showed on my face, all kinds of blue and grey
So i think about your smile and stay inside when it rains

Now i've waited for so long in the heat and the fog
Waking up late, taking rides by the lake
But when you're gone this long it feels so wrong
And baby by the way here it rains everyday
The flowers change their shape as the sun starts to fade
The colors now opaque it reminds me how
On the outside you have eyes like crystal
And on the inside like watercolor paints
That are washing away all the bad blue and grey
So let's curl up together and stay inside when it rains

Give me a book to read, i want a book to read
To understand your past, cuz i want this to last
Paint me a picture of the things that you dream and love
A treehouse or your old friends, a film that never ends
Play me that song you made in your foggy haze
Whisper it in my ear, in dreams that's what i hear

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