Psycho Realm


[Intro: Diabolic]
These f**kin' snakes, man
f**kin' up our lives
I'll take a p*ss in your oil fields
I want some motherf**kin' payback so, yo

[Verse 1: Diabolic]
I wanna run for president, and the focal point when I'm campaignin'
Is to put FEMA to work on a plantation at Camp David
Demand payment for New Orleans with the best of swordsmen
Launching missiles at the White House while Tech's performin'
On the lawn and I just let 'em burn till death's confirmed
Laid to rest with worms cause otherwise they'll never learn
I'll form a coup attempt, put anthrax through the vents
From out a package I got in the mail that you just sent
But I got a better punishment for these Republicans
I'd let 'em live so they can see us overthrow the government

Let's f**k with them, have the first lady beat me off
Till my semen's launched, then I skeet across her face like Peter North
And I won't leave a doubt what we about when I cream her mouth
Or leave her trout bleeding out on Condoleezza's couch
I'll seek this route without regrets, and drink a brew then think of you
Cause if it's the last f**kin' thing I do I'll...

[Bridge: Ras Kass]
Yeah, Immortal Technique, Rassy
n***a, I never forget nothing n***a
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