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"Apt. A (2)"

Star fish
And liquid on the lighthouse stoop

Saturday morning four window spotlight
Turns the stained sunday bed sheets
And back again in the end

Speaking voices
Swapped the specs
The keen eye titles litter
And after all I found it

Circle K (Boomerang)
sh*tty coffee
Hunger pangs
To beans
The guy's on the corner with a broken can opener

Dirt shots
Plastic flower print
Poet headed bore
Bore the messenger practice

A tactile cactus (shh...)

Leaders in the making-us-drought system

No lattice around the naked edges of a trash heap art piece
I raise my eyebrows when somebody calls me clothed

Hands off
Better to feel our width
Trash heaple collecting ex-presidents next door
Lodging the lump in our throats

God's daughter's built for speed
Lives on the fourth floor
We're in the basement

"Gas main office
Tenants speaking"

Where the marionettes hang waiting for wet hands
To stiffen the limp pen

[Doseone & Why?]
f*ck the fashion show


Trim brushes
Paint buckets
Second story roof tag
What it means to have an artist plug a black hole with mortar
Close circuit walk home
Broken brick and lease is up
House is open
Keyhole empty
Meet you out in California
Rucksack, sleeping on nude beaches
Performing for our dimes and nickels
Sewerside on street corners speaking out our piece
We'll till the land with a pulled up parking meter
'Til the soil churns to wind
A stretched taffy howl to peac*ck plume, our haircuts
The painted pigeon dessert's a crust of bread
The former melon's rind and open empty shell
Which ones get the poets' bedrooms?
And kicks the pebble loose
A sylvan lot
Its painted rail
A horde of cricket carcasses

The same old hat

Under open sky sound

Big difference

Listen to my head

[Doseone & Why?]
Twin prince dilutions
Skip their last supper
Bags packed in boxes
Our thrones in the dumpster



[Doseone & Why?]
33 E McMillan St

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