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"Let's Grow"

Real n*ggas only
First of all, what's my name
Yeah, I got something for you
I got something for you, yeah

[Verse 1]
They call me Royce 5-9 or Mr. Always Ice Cold Wristed
Or Mr. None Of Your Business
Mr. Consistant In Conflict, for so dope lyrics
The hardest hitting n*gga in show business
Came in this game with a p*ssy-ass attitude
Arrogant like, shut up
Laughing that you a trick
I wasn't happy before but I'm happy today
I'm rapping today, looking to get a plaque in my day
So I met this White boy one night
Who turned out to be the illest human being I ever heard in my life
He took me under his wing and showed me some things
And molded me into a pro until the flow was mean
Taught me not to do it like this, but to do it like that
Threw me all types of love and I threw it right back
Though we don't talk as much, we never let the game consume us
Cause we too real, my n*gga Slim, let's grow

Let us grow up, now we got here
We can't stop here, we too far
All my n*ggas, y'all my n*ggas
And you all know who you are

[Verse 2]
Royce 5-9 or, twelve men in one
About as explosive as them shells in your gun
Mr. Quick To Pull A Thing On You just for your loot
Mr. Mr. Mr. Quick To Swing On You before he shoot
I'm the finest tuned rapping machine rapping a scene
Since, way back when there was only rapping in Queens
Suck my balls if you competing with me homeboy
I don't dream, I'm the type to just be homeboy
Sucka free is like a religion I honor and serve
And more common in words, a song with you, what's in it
Y'all n*ggas is all punks and your jewels is rented
And your diamonds is all dark, like they blue but tinted
I would never kill none of y'all, I ain't that fool
But I will stomp the sh*t out you, I ain't that cool
You ain't even gotta greet me when you see, matter of fact
You better give me five feet when you see me, where you at
Let's grow


[Verse 3]
Royce 5-9 or, one cent n*gga
b*tches know that with me that the cum gets quicker
Mr. Always Got Some Cris' Or A Pistol
Rather diss you than chill wit you and will hit you
The insanest monster that came and conquered
A game that remains to be full of trained imposters
I will not let you n*ggas talk to me, no way
This is not what I'm here for, give me my money
Faggots only attract faggots, and that's that
You rap rat, you f*ckin roaches and black maggots
Feelin my heat, I talk sh*t from the moment I wake up
Turn right around and talk sh*t in my sleep - let's grow


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