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"The Way I Be Pimpin' (Xxplosive Part 2)"

* hidden bonus track; written by Royce for Dr. Dre

[Hook: Royce Da 5'9"]
I might make it look easy, that's just the way I be pimpin'
Makin my money, that's just the way I be pimpin'
They wouldn't leave me, that's just the way I be pimpin'
You might not believe me, that's just the way I be pimpin'

[Verse 1: Dr. Dre]
I'm livin a motion picture, me and my n*ggas
In sixteen bars we'll make the big screen ours
What is this? Everybody's jiggy now, is the hustle that good
In everybody's city now, or do they act good?
I pimp on the street, I pimp in my sleep
And when I snore it sounds like I'm sayin, "Where's my money?"
I ain't playin, I'm out there like, "Where's my honeys?"
You gotta be a pimp to understand just how I'm layin
f*ck a Lex Bubble; I'm rich, and after this
I'mma be rich all over again, except double
See you ain't so hard; if you ain't burnin rubber
In somethin with numbers after the dot, you ain't no star
Me and my whole crew, done either shot a n*gga or been shot
And if you check us out, ain't no scars
Hint - steppin to me is suicide
And that basically means that you could die, true superfly


[Verse 2: Dr. Dre]
My life's in the fast lane, that's when I knew I had game
Class came, I had hoes but didn't know they last name
In school, when you n*ggas was tradin clothes
Me and my n*ggas was tradin hoes like what they fadin fo'
Carry my books you ho, I had 'em slavin yo
I get skulled then I played the ho like, "Way to go"
Patrollin the halls holdin a black mac-11
Under the black leather, platforms, a hat with a feather
I was so naughty, drivin a gold Audi
All we did was throw parties and show up, with Gold Gotti
Handsome, and some, I'm the one you ran from
Cause you could only be the man in the sh*t that I was banned from
Make this sh*t seem easy, fiends need me
Make the most conceited chick in this b*tch seem sleazy
Pleased at what I'm doin
And to all y'all pimp n*ggas, pimp on, and I'll see y'all at the reunion


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