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"Get Down"

Aiyyo; ah to my people on the left (get down!)
Uh-huh; to my people on the right (get down!)
Uh-huh; ah to my people in the middle (get down!)
Check it

[Verse 1]
You see a fresh off the grill n*gga keepin it hot
Now watch it spread all through the hood I'm back controllin the block
With one of rap's greatest ever Timbaland production
Y'all n*ggas know just what to do; go 'head, follow instructions
When the God's in the building (get down!)
Uh-huh; I know you n*ggas know the feelin (get down!)
Alright; and if you ready and you willin (SAY YO!)
Okay; throw your hands to the ceiling (get down!)
Alright; go 'head and stack another million (get down!)
Jumpin around like you ain't really carin (get down!)
Ladies rippin off everything they wearin (HEY YO!)
I'm on top of the throne n*gga, you know I ain't sharin (get down!)
Now you know; I wanna hear you say it (DO-DOH-DOHHHHH, DO-DOH-DOH)

I wanna hear my muh'f*ckers say it (DO-DOH-DOHHHHH, DO-DOH-DOH)
A lil' louder muh'f*ckers say it (DO-DOH-DOHHHHH, DO-DOH-DOH!)
C'mon; a lil' louder n*gga, say it (DO-DOH-DOHHHHH, DO-DOH-DOH!!!!)

[Verse 2]
Until the block start blowin blowin up (get down!)
Uh-huh; and e'rybody throwin up (get down!)
'Til they got the fire marshall showin up (get down!)
Or until the club start closin up (get down!)
Okay; see how a n*gga walk through 'em when the beat put a spark to him
Let me just talk to 'em (LADIES) quit'cha man
Go 'head put them plans off (LADIES) well okay
Go 'head and p*ss your man off (LADIES)
Take your pants off and shake it for 'em (SHAKE IT LIKE A DOG FOR 'EM)
And put your ass on 'em (SHAKE IT LIKE A DOG FOR 'EM)
Go 'head and spaz on 'em (SHAKE IT LIKE A DOG FOR 'EM)
Now put the mash on 'em (SHAKE IT LIKE A DOG FOR 'EM)
Okay; now from the root to the tree to the top of the building
See they ain't f*ckin with me killa (hit 'em)
Boom bap as far as you can see, got 'em bouncin and hoppin
n*gga you can't stop me scrilla (hit 'em)
Well okay; and if you with me say it (DO-DOH-DOHHHHH, DO-DOH-DOH)


[Verse 3]
Yeah - well okay; and while you n*ggas party sh*t I spit a jewel for the thug
Before a n*gga try to front make sure your tool in the club
That ain't the basis of this sh*t, though it's true when it's love
They'll have you n*ggas whylin like a f*ckin fool on the drug
Now if you with me muh'f*cker (get down!)
Uh-huh; we gettin gizzle muh'f*cker (get down!)
Word to God; we make it sizzle muh'f*cker (get down!)
Uh-huh; I'm on my grizzle holla back (OWWW!)
Well okay; see how the God bounce back while you n*ggas just sound sloppy
Givin you n*ggas sh*t they'll be knowin you can't copy
The way the God be spillin all over the track
Get off my di*k, tell your b*tch holla back (OWWW!)
C'mon; violate with me up in the spot is a no-no
A lot of n*ggas sh*t trash, soundin all so-so
Shinin so much D's takin my photo
Lower the brim of my fitted while I try to be low-pro
We gettin mo' cheddar while you stuntin with no dough
Gotta skip the line sh*t movin in slow-mo
Shorty whylin out, try to hit with a low blow
With her crotch on my thigh, rubbin all on her cho-cho
SHAKE YO' sh*t 'til you fall on the flo'
Sho' we be f*ckin class b*tches, I ain't f*ckin with no ho
Bust two shots - let me hear it (BO! BO!)
'Til the security get para' when they callin the po'-po'
If you with me say it (DO-DOH-DOHHHHH, DO-DOH-DOH)


(Get down) {​​​​​​​*4X*}​​​​​​​
(LADIES) {​​​​​​​*3X*}​​​​​​​
(SHAKE IT LIKE A DOG FOR 'EM) {​​​​​​​*4X*}​​​​​​​
(Hit 'em) {​​​​​​​*4X*}​​​​​​​

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