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Nate Dogg

"What Cha About"

[Intro: Soopafly]
Yeah, you know, I'm slidin y'knahmsayin?
Rollin' down the streets doin' my thang y'knahmsayin?
That's the flow, whattup?
Smokin' my weed, y'knahmsayin? Drinkin' my joint
This b*t*h man, this b*t*h roll up to me man
This b*t*h pull up inside and sh*t
Roll down the window and sh*t, I'm like - "f**k you want b*t*h?"
b*t*h, tell me, y'knahmsayin?
She tell me "Turn that sh*t down, Tha Dogg Pound broke up"
Heh, hehehe, haha, I had to laugh at the ho, y'knahmsayin?
That's some funny sh*t
For real though man, tell these motherf**kers what's happenin'

{*music starts*}

[Hook] X 2
What you about n***a?
(Dogg Pound for life)
Do ya smoke n***a?
(I'll smoke a pound tonight)
How ya feel n***a?
(I feel larger than life...
Dogg Pound for life)

Life without money - that's like breathin' with no air
Prepare, there's no love in warfare, engage
I'll make the front page, like Nicholas Cage
And get served, front and center stage
I'm breakin' through, throw up your teflon barriers
And get penetrated, teleconnetic superior
Hostile, verbal apostle in 3D, hittin' every galaxy throwin' up D.P
Now I could be quick as a cheetah
And rip through ya sh*t like a motherf**kin' wild hyena
From the city where lights shine bright at night
Emcees is unique when speakin' upon the mic
From L.A. to the city of Phil' (Phil')
When you approach Kurupt approach with skills
Cause if you don't you'll get shook - and broken
n***a I rock it and break it open
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