Just Like You lyrics


[Intro: Jarren Benton]
K-K-Kato on the track b*t*h!

Uh, guess what (what)
I'm f**ked up just like you
I failed through life no slight clue
Stress make a n***a feel stifled
I came out the mud no idle
I feel lifeless no vitals
Why do I feel suicidal
I done turn into my own rival
Man up, suck it up like lipo
I'm insecure just like you
I drink too much just like you
I pop a few pills just like you
My head ain't wrapped tight Badu, Uuh Erykah
No place for the weak in America
Black man, the police gonna bury ya
I feel scared just like you
I'mma get broke just like you
I lost hope just like you
I cry sometimes just like you
Head to the clouds that's sky blue
But sometimes dark wanna die too
Waitin on God to advise you
I never had faith in the Bible
n***as turn on ya vitiligo, Uhh Michael
Paranoid moonwalk with the rifle, Woo I will
f**k a good thing up just like you
That's on blood no Piru
My daughter and son that's my roots
Love unconditional I grew
That's something that your mama didn't recognize
I broke the home up she didn't let it slide
Pack up move out n***a gotta ride
To the left to the left n***a bye bye
Uh, gotta call Tyrone (call Tyrone)
Uh, gotta right my wrongs (gotta right my wrongs)
Man f**k that pain (man f**k that pain)
Uh, they ain't like my song (they ain't like my song)
I'm sensitive just like you
I miss hip hop just like you
I wanna get money just like you
I wanna be great just like you
I sometimes fake just like you
I sometimes hate just like you
These n***as ain't hard these rappers ain't God
Wake up n***a they all just like you!

Uuh, Hold up (x2)
Just like you (just like you)
Hold up (x2)
Ain't nothin like you (ain't nothin like you)
Hold up (x2)
Just like you (just like you)
Hold up (x2)
Uh, f**k n***a ain't nothin like you (Brr)

[Outro x3]
I wanna be (x3)
Just like you
They wanna be (x3)
Just like you
I wanna be (x3)
Just like you
They wanna be (x2)
f**k n***a I ain't nothin like you

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