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"The collapse"

[Verse 1: Epiph@ny]
(Maniacal laughter)
“What the Hell you doing here boy?
You think this was a game?
Get outta this craziness kid, zip up your corduroy”

This ain’t no game
I promise all flames
If I didn’t want honor
I wouldn’t go for no pain
I gotta coupla lames tryna
Load up against me
And download my stuff at the same Time cause you know I finna
Shoot you down no need for reloading
Because opposed to a machine gun I choose a sniper paraphernalia
Shoot once and then you downed
Then I’ll give you the “gg, nice to meet ya”
Hide and seek from a fairly deadly perspective cause you know I’m finna find ya
I reverse moves on their heads and
Say that
You can hide but you can’t run
Or should that be rap?
I didn’t even think you really knew who I was
You just knew we was buds
So why you embarrassing yourself and taking shots, huh?
Stan Stan
You ain’t no man
The flow you got be so basic I’m basically re-basing my basis on posterity
So before you come and comence to attempt to conquer focus on your own prosperity
Your greatest song by yourself got 171 views (the rest have like 31)
You don’t even put lyrics down the right way, what?
Calling me stupid and insulting my intelligence
You’ll never be able to meet my eloquence
Calling me stupid son? I guarantee That’s a bust
And the rest you got Drako supporting you like a crutch
But now Dr@ko burnin all of y’all down with me. Hold up, don’t get your undies in a bunch…
But like a great Drakon or fire drake I’ma take
You out for lunch
I mean
I’m taking you out, son
Prap-ap-ap-ap take a shot you the prey my purpose to hunt
Shot the prey down so I can have my lunch
I would’ve gone on supporting you, boy, but watchu want? For me to turn my back on those who deserve to look at my face?
Better set off a rapist alarm because I’m coming after you
Violate your music
I got an AK
You got some mace
You were my squad
You were my people
We were a clan
I was the leader
I tried to back you up and give you some counsel
Something you sorely need and
You turned on me and told me to keep my nose out of others’ businesses
But now your crap IS my concern
So now you’re going down front of a whole large crowd of witnesses
You tried to reach me and just like Henry’s mistresses
I’ll pull an VIII and leave you beheaded you get my messages?
(Screw you Staneminem, stinking wannabe!)

Yeah, you heard I was back?
First song in about a year and
Yet I still seem to murder the track
All the track does to you is rape
Better join the feminist riots in Mexico
Que te pasa? Me enfrío
Pero los versos siguen intensos
Siguen con fuego
Sígueme luego
A ver donde llegas?
Tienes problema?
Tu no madreas
Hablas mucha basura
Pero yo no veo nada
En la vida real legalmente
Que me digas ni "hola"
Te metes conmigo güey?
Olvídate del perreo, pateo tu cola
Versos tan fresquitos
Que sea vaya al cuerno la Coca-Cola
Los gringos dicen "Don't rock the boat"?
Yo digo que ni tienes las bolas
Niñito, no ves lo que te entorna?
Llégame, idiota, y ve lo que te llega
I'm back
Me and Dr@ko, you know we tearing the foundations down
Make you collapse

Oh yeah, okay
So you had your turn now its mine
Look at me rhyming like its a crime
Ask for a dollar but i won't even give you a dime
Call yourself a Man but you ran
Steal my lines now its time to pay your fines

So perhaps i should just sit back and relax, while i make you collapse
Like a dog i just boi I just give you my scrapes..
You talk all that crap but can't even fill in the gaps
You just slap something together and call it a rap
You use me for my clout, but all you get is drought
So you sit in your room and you pout. And you shout

Cause you know you are nothing without me
But no more handouts, cause my fan base is a bow out
I got all these views, boi take a cue and just dropout
Cause i'ma take you down and make you look like a clown
Oh wait, you already do that

But stan that's nothing new
There's no need to sit there and wallow cause your bars are hallow
We all get you suck and swallow
But do you gotta turn from a catfish to a copy cat
Tryna steal my flow, boy i steel the show

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