Project Pat


Aye my n***a, with tha green hat. U need to shave my n***a. Ah my fault, I
Mean with tha grey hat. Get yo muthaf**kin shave man. Yo whats goin down?
Kings of Memhpis (yeah) Triple 6 Mafia Underground Volume 3 fo u jealous ass
b*t*hessss (sum mo hot sh*t!) its goin down, lemme get directly to tha point
Here, (yesssir) Project Pat album underground album, in stores right now (rite
Now n***a!) whats tha name of that junt? Mista don't playyyy. Nah, the
Underground album... ah sh*t. I don't even kno tha name of it. What is it?
Murderers & Robbers! Murderers & Robbers, and tha new Project Pat album, uh
Uh, Mista Don't Playyyy finna come out, tha Koopsta Knicca underground album
Da Devil's Playground, in stores now. (ya'll kno wut time it is) When Tha
Smoke Clears, Sixty Six, Sixty One, with Sippin on Sizurp an all that sh*t (who
Run it!) is in stores rite now... go get tha muthaf**ka! (yea) go get that
sh*t, and uh, kno wut I'm sayin, uh, look out for tha movie, Choices, and tha
Soundtrack, that
sh*t gonna be, blazin! thats comin out, like uh, this year. right before
December or wuteva 2000. And tha La Chat album, Murder She Spoke (wooo man) be
Comin out like either tha endin of this eyar or beginnin of nex year (that sh*t
Gonna be like ahhh f**k) and its goin down, Triple 6 Mafia, the Kings of
Memphis (of the M-Town) tha real kind of Memphis (let u muthaf**kas kno who run
It) and its goin down, kno wut I'm sayin? Holla at cha n***aaaa... tell yo
Baby mama to call me, foo! Hit me on tha two-way! Hahahaha, b*t*h, b*t*h!
That corn bread eatin ass ho! Hahaha
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