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"Can't Hold Me Back"

[Intro: C-Murder]
Say Magic, remember that n*gga QB from uhh Life or Death
That commercial we did for a n*gga
First appearence as a No Limit Soldier
But it's number two n*gga check it out

[Chorus 2X]
You can't hold me back
Only real n*ggas feel this
n*gga feel this
b*tch n*ggas can't feel this
Feel this

This for the n*ggas under estimated, mad style, mad created
f*ck all them n*ggas that playa haters
Send out dippin' spirit sh*t, what's wrong, I hearin' sh*t
When I jump on the song, it's straight lyrics b*tch
My first appearence was on Life or Death
It's hard to mantain in this game but I still caught this much respect
I waiting a long line, no with no wit'
I didn't pick up no hands got me some ki's and I made a hit
Y'all n*ggas mad cause i'm nation wide
You besta realize I have a style
n*gga don't be surprised
There's not no party
I'm coming with dope sh*t regardless
Coming with a weak hit n*gga hardly
And when you rich b*tch n*ggas talk
And when you broke b*tches yap
A automatic go off full track
A future pay n*gga, a made n*gga
Not a day n*gga, a fair n*gga, fair n*gga

Chorus 2X

n*gga that's part two to the motherf*ckin' ???
QB, Ghetto Ingredients n*gga pick it up
That sh*t comin' out soon
No Limit family, ??? motherf*cker

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