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"Balls of Steel"

[Snoop Dogg]
Gangstaz, gangstaz.. whassup my n*gga?
Yeah I'm fin' to fall off into this party with my lil' b*tch mane
It's in her neighborhood
Nah you ain't gotta roll with me it's all good
I trust her dog
Aw n*gga shut up n*gga, I hear you, don't trip

Well the party didn't start til I walked in
And I probably won't leave until I finish this Henn'
But in between time or in the meantime
I slid my b*tch in the back do' an she crept in with the nine
We came here together so we can have fun
Me and you baby goin one on one
It's yo' hood so I figure it's good
But if them n*ggas start trippin
I ain't trippin sh*t I ain't Hollywood
We handles ours from the all-stars to the handlebars
With buckshots comin from the homies in the cars
Aww yeah; how y'all wanna play this
Naw hold on let me see how should I say this
The b*tch that I was wit tried to set me up
Whatever f*ckin reason would they wanna wet me up
And get me up out the b*tch wit da heat
And a party wit a gang of off brands and a freak (where you from)
I gotta dust em if I rush em
And these n*ggas don't look like they wanna tussle (f*ck em)
I'mma creep to the who-ride - all by my lonely
n*gga didn't bring damn homie
I wish I woulda, but I didn't
I'm f*ckin wit dis hood rat (bullsh*t ya bullsh*ttin)
That's whats wrong wit n*ggas
Steady thinkin wit ya di*k, and puttin faith in a b*tch
Dogg is chillin, makin a killin
What more can I say? "Top Billin'"
Thats what I get, I got it good
Crackin b*tches in ya hood b*tch
Would you stop schemin, and lookin hard
I got a great big bodyguard
So step up if you wanna get hurt
n*gga mad cause I touched under his b*tch skirt
I get the money, the money I got
Hoes call me Doggy when they feel real hot
That's how it is, ask yo' kids
I stole ya ho while you was in prison
Jail, for spousal assault
You was jealous it's all your fault
Dogg is chillin, makin a killin
What more can I say? "Top Billin'"
Shootin dice came up short now I'm doin bad
Lost the Coupe and the keys to the Caddy
So bad that I'm livin with my momma now
And my b*tch done dipped cuz I done run outta chips
I lost my balla doe and my balla ho
Man to some sucka ass n*gga man I'm fallin slow
Can't ain't even call a ho; I'm feelin smalla loc
Next thing to do is rob a ball of folks (give it up n*gga)
sh*t's real; we peel for the meal
Take it, cause once we get it, y'all come kick it
And bring them same skanless b*tches (why?)
I got some homegirls layin low in the kitchen
On a mission to keep on dishin all fools
Doggy Dogg cold out shot us them hoes broke the rule
They gonna get got, feel the pain, sweeter and sweeter
Even b*tches feel the heater motherf*cker

[Speaking outro]

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