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NLE Choppa

"I Don’t Need No Help"

Yeah, huh, uh, yeah, yeah
Huh, uh, huh, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, huh, uh
Huh, uh, huh, uh

Slick Rick type of n*gga 'cause I'm a bad b*tch getter
Poppin' painkiller, uh, higher than a plane, n*gga (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
You a lame, you ain't gang, so I can't hang with ya (No)
Touch my chain, bang bang, snatch a n*gga brain, n*gga
Uh, got a pole on my hip, ain't no fightin' (Ain't no fightin')
I strike a n*gga with this 30 like some lightning (Just like some lightning)
I hit her for the night, I don't do no wifin' (Don't do no wifin')
I f*ck her then delete her, yeah, I'm so triflin' (I'm so triflin')
Real, real, real, real, real savage (I'm a savage)
I don't f*ck with that b*tch if she average (If she average)
I got a bad stripper b*tch named Ashley (Ashley)
She taste like candy, do you understand me? (Candy, yeah)
Hop out the car, brand new 'Vette, ice on my wrist, Audemar, Patek
Brand new chain, ice on my neck, got tired of the Drac' and I copped me a TEC
I'm up all night, I don't get rest, I'm catchin' these flights and chasin' a check
Lil baby, she wet, I don't want sex, open your mouth and give me your neck
Uh, give me your neck, yeah (Give me your neck)
Keep your pants on, just want the neck (The neck, neck, neck)
Want the neck, keep your pants on (Give me neck, neck)
For real, b*tch, keep your pants on (Give the neck, give the neck, give the neck, neck)
I'm a Slick Rick type of n*gga (n*gga)
She wanna f*ck with me because my bands bigger (My bands bigger)
Pass me the blunt, I don't do the liquor (No liquor)
And your b*tch a groupie, wanna take a picture (And take a picture)
I'm strapped up like a dyke or somethin', I hope you don't try to take nothin' (What)
My n*ggas strapped with army guns (Yeah), you think I'm lyin', I'll show you one (Rrah, rrah)
We up from the hip and we burn one (Bow, bow, bow, bow)
When I up, you better dip, that's your head, son (That's your head, son)

Uh, uh, aight
That's your head, son
When I up, you better dip, that's your head, son
Yeah, yeah

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