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"STUPID b*tch [Bobby b*tch Remix]"

[Intro] Bobby Shmurda {Remix} Type sh*t

Stupid b*tch, stupid b*tch.....

[Verse 1]
I got shooters b*tch, Jerry at your crib
You can get hit b*tch, I hit a lick, kick your b*tch, rich like Bobby b*tch

Free shmurda, f*ck what you hearda
Bounce out at night, like a ninja turtle
f*ck cancer, don't smoke no tobacco, no infertile
Like I smoke so much I write a herbal journal C-C-Call a drive-by, get hit outside, that's external
I ain't got to be formal, b*tches changing like a transformer
You think that you warmer? i ball like I know her
Flip my golden chain off my shoulder
Ready know my chains and Buffalo gets colder
Moving bricks of zips like a boulder
Get a car and run em over
No I ain't ever sober
Selling weed, marijuana donar
Walk into school as a stoner, you smell marijuana odor
Got the positive energy like I'm solar
My neck and wrist cold as the polar
No evidence, no lawyer

[Verse 2]
Got shooters b*tch, left and right
Pistols sparking, see the light
pus*y b*tches, wanna fight?
I'mma drop the bright pipe
Pour the purple in my Sprite
Smokin til I'm outta sight
It's dark, but I see in the night
Damn you mad mad mad but yo b*tch also tight
I'm high as a kite, I'mma dawg, I'mma bite
Hit it only once if you ain't my type
Gon f*ck wit my rapping cause I'm white?
I ain't gotta recite
Sip some lean I just might
Tryna get high, fear of heights
f*ck those Central lookin dikes
Fake b*tches no one even likes
Hope my foes fall on steel spikes
b*tches ride me like they bikes
I got ice on my neck, oouu ikes
I'm so high, tryna reach other heights

Oh, you ain't know they call you STUPID b*tch, STUPID b*tch
Oh, you ain't know I hit a lick, hit a lick
Rich like BOBBY b*tch, BOBBY b*tch

Stupid b*tch, stupid b*tch
f*ckin snakes, f*cking fakes

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