David Foster Wallace

"More Than A King"

An honest man often grows cruel
When converted into an absolute prince
Born from power, a bitter from fear
The madness, the treachery
The strong mixture of troubles
It is a man's own mind
Not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways
More than a man, more than a king
More like God!

I feel like like
More than a man, more than a king, more like God
It's more than a city, more than a village where we are
Feels so superhuman
Everything's so super fly

[Verse 1]
Uh, I don't need no cape
Coming in high just to beat yo brakes
Wait, everybody sound so reckless
King me, these n***as still playin checkers
Me? A n***a stay chest to chest
Let somebody else check the check
In my city protect your neck
It's more than a method
, man of the year, uh
The man of the hour, sold-out shows before I sold one album
Riding round with this gold A on my chest like Alvin
Whole team winning, OG hit a homerun each inning
We don't talk much till you free, seen n***as
It's showtime, check yo two feet n***a
I'm 1080(ten-eighty)p seeing everything clear through my red eyes
Runnin these streets, pass me a Gatorade when you see a n***a zoom by
Zoom out, you're standing way too close
Groupie boy worse than a new ho
Cold heart growin, need a new coat
Too high, tryna find my new low
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