The Weekend lyrics

Elijah James

Chorus: Girl it's the weekend, you've been killing my vibe
I'm just trying to have fun, get you off of my mind
And I ain't even trippin', I ain't even crying
Said I ain't even trippin', Ain't even gonna try
To work this out, so b*t*h good bye
You can make this stop, as long as you try

Girl it's the weekend, you've been wanting to fight
But I'm not in the mood, quit killing my vibe
And you would keep me here if it were up to you
I ain't tryinna' be no ones slave, what I'm bout to do
Is get the f**k out this place, have a drink, take a break
Turn it up in this place, get away from you
And I wish you the best night of your life
Away from me where i'm off of your mind


Al D: I'll admit, we had a good run while it lasted
We reached the finish line, but you can't seem to get past it
All that bitterness and unnecessary harassment
You're good at flipping out, you should consider gymnastics
Gabby Douglas ain't got sh*t on you
Don't mean to brag but by new chick sh*t's on you
She said "quit calling" before she put a hit on you
You're Kimbo Slice, you got n***as scared to hit on you
That's cause' you're killing the mood, you be killing the vibe
Keep it up and you'll be single for the rest of your life
Grab a man, grab a drink, have a hell of a night
Do whatever you got to do to keep me off of your mind, alright?


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