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It almost feels like flying
I can't feel my face no more
It seems like it's perfect timing
N I only wonder
Why I feel so gone
Why am I so gone?

Coz i'm so gone
I'm so gone
I'm here but i'm not really here
Feels like i'm faded
So faded
I'm so faded
I'm getting oh so faded


Uh, now pardon my excesses
I'm just making sure
My ex's regret they ever left this
She said boy you only think with your p*nis
At least I use my head
Girl I might be a genius
The words of a wise man
Desperately searching
For rubbers on your nightstand
I ain't your lover, I'm the undercover, under your covers
She said she's just tryna' find the right man
I like these dim lights
Blurry vision, on it
If she look like a 10, she'll be a 5 in the morning
It's 5 in the morning
I'm higher than a comet
Vibin to a song, with a violin on it
Flashing lights, all thats missing is a siren
Molly in my drink, feel like I am flying
White on my nose, eyes red, I ain't crying
Do it on the low, just hope I ain't dying
Lately, i've been wasting my time
But i'd much rather do another line
Don't know where i'm headed
All i know is, in the morning
I'm gon' regret it

(HOOK 2)

I'm just faded
(right now)
Feels like i'm floating now
I'm just faded
(right now)
I'm so up n away


I guess this is what they call wasted youth
I been seeing this girl for a couple days
Tryna discover the naked truth
Hiding our problems
That mary jane, put my mind at ease
Liquor sipping in her kitchen
Cutting lines, with these keys
She saying her man 'bout to get home
I spent the last night with you
But tonight i feel so alone
I drank a little too much
And messaged all the girls on my phone
Even the ones, I swore i'd never message
N now they think i'm desperate
Tell em sorry
That wasn't me, that was the alcoholic beverage
In my hand, while I texted
I hate it when she leaves
But I got these leaves, so I light em up
And breathe a sigh of relief
Wakinging up every afternoon
Thinking ima' be productive
But the only thing I really want to be
Is reproductive
See I love it
Get it how you live it
b*tchs on my sh*t
They be asking for my digits
Like you a rapper huh?
Yea, the one you never recognized
Now i'm getting high
N by tomorrow
I probably won't remember what you looked like
But such is life
Ironic ain't it?
Now i'm here, and you ain't
Just sitting back chillin'
Getting faded

(HOOK 3)

I'm just faded
(right now)
Feels like i'm floating now

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