Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (Remix) lyrics

Keith David

[Intro: Ice Cube]

Blame me... (*echo*)

[Interlude: Ice Cube]
You n***as know my pyroclastic flow
You n***as know my pyroclastic flow (*echo*)
You n***as know my pyroclastic flow
It's R A W - R A W

[Ice Cube]
You're looking at the Grand Wizard
War lord, vocal chord so vicious
And I don't have to show riches
To pull up pull off with some bad b*t*hes
And it ain't about chivalry
It's about dope lyrics and delivery
It's about my persona
Ain't nothing like a man that can do what he wanna
Ain't nothing like man that you knew on the corner
Seen 'em come up and f**k up the owner
Seen 'em throw up Westside California
n***a I'm hot as Phoenix Arizona
I'm Utah, I got multiple b*t*hes
It's a new law, keep a hold of your riches
Dumb n***a don't spend it as soon as you get it
And recognize I'mma Captain, you're a Lieutenant
[Hook: Ice Cube]
I can say what I want to say, ain't nuttin to it
Gangsta rap made me do it
If I call you a n***a, ain't nuttin to it
Gangsta rap made me do it
I can act like an animal, ain't nuttin to it
Gangsta rap made me do it
If I eat you like a cannibal, ain't nuttin to it
Gangsta rap made me do it

Nah n***a blame me, for severing cocaine to the geeks
Gangbanging the streets, shooting guns where you sleep
Putting n***as in sheets, the noose hung from the tree
The corrupted police, I ain't denying it was me
I'm the reason for the setback in blacks
It's a natural fact, that gangsta rap did that
I hope that Barack could pull the troops for Iraq
Cause the truth is Iran, got them nuclear plants
I can shoot me a cat in the head with a gat
For a man that considers me a n***a when I'm back in the slums
Waiting for a check like a bum
Look how I did them n***as off in 'Nam
Hard, I got the strolls full of hoes
Liquor stores off the road
Big church on the corner with a spot for my rose
A Glock for my foes, wiping snot from my nose
I'm guilty of it all, but I am not finna fold

[Hook: Ice Cube]

Uh, if they call you a n***a, ain't nuttin to it
Tell 'em Nas made you do it
Felonious, Thelonious Monk melodic; Monster Cody OG
Hard as Rampart's police, warring like the ends was in Sunni
I never pull my pants up, sagging my Gucci's, and what?
I give a f**k who you bidded with, or where you cop coke
The b*t*h you with or the reason you're not broke
I don't count your money, don't want none of your smoke
I don't feel your pain, I ain't none of your folk
It's easy to put a gun in your throat
But I ain't on that, trying to sip Colada's where it's warm at
Cognac, crushed ice, y'all know how it is
Elijah said - A women half your age plus seven years
It's a plush way to live, this is for the blunted
For the n***as who keep it one hundred
Who're hunted by DA's and Judges

[Hook + Interlude: Ice Cube]

[Outro: Ice Cube]
Oh yeah and another thing
For all ya n***as that don't do gangsta rap
Don't get on TV talking about gangsta rap
Cause nine times at a ten you don't know the f**k you're talk about
Talk about that bullsh*t rap you do
Stay the f**k out of mines

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