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Bob Dylan


I would like to apologize for my friend, here;
He hasn't been himself for a long, long time
From the beginning of his minding
Other people's dids and don'ts
He could excuse himself but he won't
And I'm sorry if we busted up your party

Yes, there was a girl in his life, and then some!
He was had by her and a good time by all
She was exactly half at fault
He thought the other was his own
So only half the man has grown
And it's taking him sometime to get together

He was the first kid on his block to have one;
And he wants to share it with you all of the time
He takes advantage of your kindness;
Says he needs that just to live
He doesn't want you to forgive him
But he thinks you might if you have half a mind to

Yes, I think I would enjoy some coffee;
I've had a lot to think in the past few days
And if I told you all the ways
My friend and I were not to blame
You'd see yourself as just the same
So I think I'll wait and save that for the next time

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