Tired of the Games lyrics


[Verse: TOBi]
Ruin the mood lady, know what you doin' fasho
I gotta cruise by, different scent, ok
I gotta move while she playing chess, sorry
Taking a trip, I, you do not understand
I gotta move, baby
You got another man, huh
So I'm just running, doing it
Stuck in the same things
Permanent, permanent
You addicted, I'm addicted
I'm a d**k and I admit it, listen
Think I'm gone and distant
Your mind, is this the inner moment, for the moment
Forevers a fairy tale for little grownups
So dead for drama, promise I can't [?] you
Frigid, colder than winter seasons in Minnesota
Speakin' of, my young wolves is wiggin' on you
Cardiac polar, heart is black, get a moment
Had to split 'em like mad division of Moses
Mission to be a statue is Mr. In a Moment
Vengeance for my ancestors who was really stolen
Competition, omniscient, really its quenchin' [?]
Slippin' inside a Trojan
Slipped in inside the walls in your city, I'm home
She snort Coca-Colas when its frozen
Then her soul in need of hope, then
Broken like my composure

(No, no, no)
So baby, let go
You're tired of the games
Baby, let go
You're mind of the world
So baby, let go, let go
Too tired of the games
Baby let go
Your mind of the world

Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey

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