Verse 1:
b*t*h I’m jumping outta portal
I’m half immortal
If the world war coming
Ima get resourceful
n***as like me live with no morals
They say life is a beach
I don’t do corals
Caught up in a rap trap
Caught a pastor
We gonna burn the pages before we write the chapter
Way too many questions I could never ask but
I might build a time machine and chase the past bruh
We spend
Half of our life sleeping
The devil don’t do no greetings
I might just cut one ear
‘Çause it might save me from all the sh*t that I don’t wanna hear
f**k fear tryna find the juice
All the money might buy a noose
How I feel when I watch the news
All the blues can’t find a clue
I’m like Elon Musk
All cremate elon dust
Call the boy need dip and cup
I might just run into the bank with a loaded tommy gun
Frustration makes so much fun
Parents asking me where the funds
Mind ain’t seen peace in months
I might just hit the blunt
How the f**k I know everything
But can’t figure out what I want
Pressure pushing b*t*h I’m pressure cooking
I might kill a n***a if he try finesse the booking
I might pop sh*t if it come to a deposit
Tryna stop it but I’m running out of options
I’ve been calling
I’ve been ringing up the angels
Picture perfect like a n***a know his angles
If I’m a slave
Can I VVS the bangles
The f**king shackles
Diamonds dancing around my ankles
Never thank you
They gonna miss you when it’s too late
Feel like Batman
Right before he battled two-face
Was it worth it?
Guess he did for a new face
Was it worth it?
Guess he did for a new face
Shooting for your dream until your dreams shoot you
What you did it for?
Some new shoes
Why you sell your soul?
A new coupe
What you running from?
A new you
Made a lil’ change
A new you
Everybody saying
I knew you
Everybody saying
I knew you
Learn the rules bend the rules
It’s a habit
If you reaching for my spot then you can have it
I ain’t got no competition
I got practice
I’ve been winning like a mother f**king match-fix
Light a ciggy with my finger f**k a match-stick
On God
I’m a walking fire hazard
These n***a are my dash
I’m absinth
Hit from the back
Handing out plaques not for rap but for acting
I can’t hang with n***as that do too much asking
Oh they wish Patty boy would get back on his sad sh*t
I just left the gym and now I’m out here spazzing
I remember when these b*t*hes didn’t want me
Now I have no game
Ain’t gotta do no talking
I’m so far ahead
I overlap them when I’m walking
n***as never bite
They just do a lot of barking
I was still the sh*t when I was going Gnarls Barkley
Ima kill the game and make success haunt me
They might try mark me because they can’t out bar me
f**k out my lane
Make that boy go do RnB

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