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Verse 1: PatrickxxLee
I swear I’m trolling
b*t*h I’m lean
Like the gym and codeine I’m a swim
I got brains at the crib
I got ice for the sip
b*t*h  I’m still with the gang
So it’s purp in my veins
I got purge for the gang
I got birds for the cane
Pull up with a chopper
Turn that boy into Jimmy Haffer
You’ll be up in heaven tryna find out who shot ya
Me no speak no engle
I ain’t talking to no copper
Two blades on me cut a n***a like Berocca
Molly and the Mary
It’s that Mary Poppins
If I wake inside my grave
Leave drugs inside the coffin
When I make a milli
That’s the day I’m milly rocking
If he diss me on a song
I might have to drop him
Yeah n***a feel like tank
When I pop out in this b*t*h
Ima drop out getting rich
I was in class high as sh*t
DM ask your b*t*h
She wants advise she want tips
I will not f**k that dirty hoe
I bet she got lice at the crib

BlackWhite in the booth big smoke

Verse2: KarmaXX
I know you heard of me
Your girl she a bird to me
You buy her Louie tees
She take it off for me
Watch how she dropping it low
I see it at all in my shows
She tell me she bringing her hoes
Well come through and link with all of my bros
I got the vans on me
And I got a stack on me
Call up your girl to hit Onyx
She say she ready Shazam on me
She wanna pop a Ferrari
I got a pluggy on speed dial
5 more and I’m calling a molly
n***as want care like me now
I got a fantasy
She wanna dance with me
She wanna twerk twerk twerk
Swear she bad for me
Uh uh uh uh
I got a fantasy
I got a what?
Swear she bad for me
She want the flashy things
Need me a girl that’s tryna stack these bands with me
Need me a girl that’s tryna build this brand with me
Uh uh uh uh
I got a fantasy
I got a what?
I got a fantasy
I got a what?
I got a fantasy

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