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VI Seconds

"Pokemon Rap - Pika Milli"

[Verse 1: Shofu]
They call the kid Shofu
Bulk up, hard body
Y'all n*ggas soft like tofu
And a n*gga known to 6-0 dudes
You don't even know dude, Shofu
He's the one to go to
Make it rain, we make it hail
You better come with your snowshoes
Old news
Pokemon bars beat the f*ck outta the pro tools
Now hold up, let me switch my flow up
Pocket full of donuts
Go nuts
Electrode how i roll up
And a n*gga got the tendency to f*cking blow up
Any beat i'm on
Let me teach you a lesson
I get the impression
You need the attention
Not all pokemon go to heaven When they get this lethal
Injection of mental aggression
I'm gone, Shizzy!

[Verse 2: Shizzy]
Suicune to the Sixx
Legendary moves with shofu in this b*tch
Froslass ain't as cool as this sh*t
Who is this kid
Just a n*gga shocking as Raikou in this b*tch
Johto be the home
Everytime i flow, an earthquake starts splitting ya dome
Hard to the bone, phone home
You not sick
I'm out of this world, Deoxys
Moshpits start when my flow dumps
Cuz i'm soaking plenty b*tches with my Hydro Pump
I go dumb as a Psyduck
With your female all on my nuts
I'll wild out and wear your skull on my head
How you f*cking with a legend when you just an egg
I'm out to prove that i execute
Think not, and i'm scrambling you Exeggcutes

[Verse 3: Shofu]
She said i see what you doing, and i like what i'm seeing
She told me she want more, so she used Encore
I took her with on tour
She let me in her tm49
All because the flow is legendary like an Arcanine

[Verse 4: Shizzy]
You see i'm raw, that's the reason why you stare at me
We the same level, but you got here with rare candies
You ain't worthy
Better get to departing, trust
You in the pressence of a god

[Verse 5: Shofu]
Pikachu's not the best?
b*tch what the f*ck is you telling me
Going against the mascot
Boy that is a felony
And i do it all for the bragging rights
I'm running traffic lights
Bag packaged right
Snorlax appetite
Dusclops take you to the afterlife
You ain't half as nice

[Verse 6: Shizzy]
The most potent beyond what's in your needles
I go Groudon
You go Weedle
Swift as a Sneasel
Any body creep up, i'm rocking your skin
f*ck what you heard, PETA

[Outro: Shizzy and Shofu]
Next time y'all try to protest pokemon
Make sure you do a little bit of research
Before you look f*cking stupid..
Real sh*t..
Shofu, Sixx..ehh

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