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Nicki Minaj & Anuel AA

"What’s Up Danger"

[Verse 1]
Two thousand on thermometers
Two thousand surroundin' us
Travel two thousand kilometers to hang out with us
What's up, danger? (Danger)
What's up, danger? (Danger)
Ayy, didn't know they doubted us
Makes it that more marvelous

Sign 'em up, 'cause ominous vibes and I get synonymous
What's up, danger?
Ayy, don't be a stranger
'Cause I like high chances that I might lose (Lose)
I like it all on the edge just like you, ayy
I like tall buildings so I can leap off of 'em

I go hard wit' it no matter how dark it is

I'm insane but on my toes
I could keep the world balanced on my nose
I had a slumber party wit' all my foes
Now I wear them like a badge of honor on my clothes
If I'm crazy, I'm on my own
If I'm waitin', it's on my throne
If I sound lazy, just ignore my tone
'Cause I'm always gonna answer when you call my phone
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