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Too $hort Lyrics

Silicon Valley (Music from the HBO Original Series) (2017)

YZ presents The Legend of Floyd Jones (2017)

The Black Godfather (2016)

Regulate… G Funk Era Part II (2015)

S.I.D. "Shining in Darkness (2014)

Unkut 2 (2014)

Memoirs of a Curb Server (2012)

The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1, 2 & 3 (2012)

I Love the Bay (2007)

Pablito's Way (2006)

Skateboards 2 Scrapers EP (2006)

The Slapp Addict (2006)

Ghetto Hymns (2000)

Derty Werk (1999)

Nationwide Independence Day: The Compilation (1998)

The Wood Soundtrack (1998)

Booty Call (Music From the Motion Picture) (1997)

Plots & Schemes (1997)

Don't Try This at Home (1996)

Bad N-Fluenz (1995)

In the Land of Funk (1994)

Sittin' On Somethin' Phat (1993)

The Dark Roads (1993)

Funky As I Wanna Be (1992)

To Tha Rescue (1991)



Bakchod Brothers Mixtape


Hard to B-Legit

History: Function & Mob Music

L.A. Confidential Presents... Knoc-turn'al

Lead the Way

Magic City Pt. II

No Limit Records Presents: Mean Green

Platinum Game

Six Figures

Sweat Ya Perm Out

We Run This, Vol. 6

Other Songs

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