We Don’t Fight lyrics


Rich Gang

Money everyday, money every night
OG kush blunts mixed with dirty Sprite
n***a shootin' sh*t, we don't like to fight
b*t*h, we shootin' extendo's, we don't fight
Shootin' choppers, shootin' choppers, we don't fight
Zoom zoom, b*t*h, ship it, we don't fight
Shootin' hollow tips, n***a, we don't fight
Pocket rocket, choppers on deck, we don't fight

[Verse 1]
Try the squad, boy, you could lose your life
M-16, boy, we don't fight
Pull up on your block, midnight
Knocking sh*t down with these big pipes
I'ma tote the strap, I'ma catch 'em back
If he shoot at me, then I'm shootin' back
Shootin' n***as, they runnin' like a race track
Pull up to the block, and I got eight stack


[Verse 2]
I'm so raw, man, I'm stackin' figures
n***as do it big, but I do it bigger
I'm a legend on the stage, they takin' pictures
I'ma ball hard 'till I get a penalty
I go so hard, they remember me
My whole team winnin', I can't take a loss
Had to live my life, make myself a boss
Now, it's foreign wips when I'm in [?]
Now I'm trappin' hard, see me in the street
Rest In Peace to the track, cause I killed the beat
I'm so clean, nobody fresh as me
I guess gold chains and foreign whips my destiny


[Verse 3]
Go hard for the fam cause that's all I got
Got to kill everything cause I'm on top
Maseriati dizzy dash, that's a lot of guap
In the streets goin' crazy cause my buzz hot
And whatever you wonna do, b*t*h you know I'm with it
S. D. Money Gang the youngest to ever did it
All white diamonds when I'm steppin' out
I'm a young boss with a bag, I'm the best out
My foreign whip expensive, and my b*t*h delicious
My swag that's the [?], rims on super inches
They remember me, they remember me
I go hard, I got shows like every week


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