Rambo lyrics


Got them choppers on deck, just like Rambo
Two pistols on my hip, I got ammo
My young n***as shoot straight through the peephole
In the club with them bottles of the Clicquot
Rambo, Rambo
In the club with them choppers like I'm Rambo
In the club, poppin' bottles of the Clicquot
Rambo, Rambo

[Verse One]
Two choppers on me, like I'm Rambo
My young n***as, they shoot sh*t straight through the peephole
In the club with ten bottles of the Clicquot
I got dope runnin' through from West to East Coast
And my young n***as shoot you like a free-throw
He [?] shoot at your people
All these guns in the trap, man, we shoot n***as up
All these choppers in this van when we pullin' up
Drive by in the Lamborghini, them n***as, they stinkin'
My n***as, we blingin'
The f**k is you thinkin'?
My n***as, we leanin'
Shout out to my team cause we schemin'
Fifty K in on the weekend
My n***as anemic
We shoppin' at Neiman's


[Verse Two]
I hit the club, and I make it rain
Two Glocks up on me, like I'm Max Payne
Shoulda strap with the chopper
I got that chopper, mane
Take this sh*t to war, take this sh*t so far
Hop up out the whip, dressed in camo
Choppers on my shoulder, like I'm Rambo
I got them choppers in the Lambo
Hop up out my whip, click-clack-bam, ho
Ready for war, anytime, anyplace
We shoot at your face
We catchin' the case, then we beatin' the case
We dumpin' your body, it's off in the lake
I'm pumpin the brakes
I'm smokin' that gas with no brakes
We up in the money, you late
You talkin' that sh*t, then the bullets, they hittin' your face

[Chorus x2]

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