Don’t Nothing Move but the Money lyrics


[Hook x2]
Don’t nothing move but the money (x2)
She twerking that thang for the money
She making it work for the money

[Verse 1]
She making it work for the money
I pull up to the club I got all this money on me uh
Gold bottles of that ace spade
I can do this sh*t every day
She making it work for the money
I like the way that she twerking up on me
Drop it down
I’m the man in the city
I’m the man in the city
Come and kick it with me
Pull up, I’m just flexin’ on the regular
Rich gang, you know we get money on the regular
Rich gang got the bad b*t*hes on my schedule
She twerking and she twerking tryin’ to get that f**king money, boy

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Baby is you down?
Baby is you f**king with me?
Keep it on the low, ain’t nobody f**kin’ with me
These girls ain’t loyal and everybody know it
Got 100,000 dollars, and now I’m ’bout to blow it
She twerkin’ it, she twerkin’
She twerkin’ it and she working and I like it
And I pull up she can’t fight it
I’m swaggin’ and she likes it
And she lookin’ at my diamonds
Yeah I’m icy and I’m icy yeah
I can't sleep, I can't walk
I can't breathe, I can't talk
Count 100 thousand this morning
In the booth from the night to the morning

[Hook x2]

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