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Olive Dakota

"Neon Skyline // Soul Food"

[Intro: Jimmy Luna]
(Oh we back)
(Prism Tribe, worldwide, southside, everywhere)

[Part 1: Neon Skyline]

[Verse 1: Jimmy Luna]
See it all so clearly from every class of the plane
Took a little pain on my daily, no coach leaking through my brain
I seize from the seas that's overseas, acid this member raking
Michelle and Ivy share the same things
Straight from below we make these
I never phrase as I stumble across some dizzy dancin'
Clouds got views when the stones got through, it's a Drizzy mansion
Soft serve, almost guaranteed to refeather kings
All these damn allusions, I do recall when I left 'em laughin'
It's love, actually, I don't know it at all
Every June it seems to change, life continues around fall
Losing doesn't matter, are you gonna make that call?
Are you gonna take that trip? Are you gonna get that ball movin'?
It's our illusions, and loop exchanges through videos
These interviews and episodes, consumin' to the very soul
And I'm not talkin' Terio when I say I'mma kill 'em
These introspective Maldives have to end with somethin' fulfillin', feel it
Suffer from feelings, unfortunate mishaps
Access the major keys in these raps
See it from both sides now
No, I see it from both sides now
Yeah, I see it from both sides now

[Part 1.5: //]

[Verse 1: Jimmy Luna]
Nowadays everybody's passin' for cover
The more you look for a prize, everybody is in another
We known to be polygonal, the record show for the folk
When they recreate what is poppin', originals seem baroque
But I digress
I digress

[Part 2: Soul Food]

[Verse 1: Jimmy Luna]
It often makes me blue
Fight through these spasms, addicted to blue & overthinkin'
Robbin' my voice without help, I'm smokin', another drink and
Weakenin' by the weekend, break this cycle for the reapin'
Of the beneficials like politics, the broke ain't even
Tryin' to find a route that I wanna tackle to get out
Embarkin' another journey, Toronto don't seem to thin out
To work from the A to M, Hollywood, I'm comin' to pig out
This college life is cool but I need out
I thought I was just young
When I told 'em school ain't livin' for me
To live without it to miss a story
And now I'm skippin' all these levels to elevate like I'm missin' stories
Drownin' all these feels, end up missin' Dory, this sh*t ain't logic
I'm under pressure, the scarvin' truth just to get my treasure
It's in my heart, so I know I got it, it'll be a pleasure
And these endeavours'll sever the likes of many measures
Till an O.T. Genasis song is clever, I need a cleaver
Keep the sativa, unless you her, I don't need ya reefer
Keep all ya beats, 'cause unless you Tribe, I don't need ya features
My Mona Lisa, she presses to me, that's why I keep her
I'm not a creep, just a firm believer in seein' from both sides
And you ask me how I could be so damn sure, it's 'cause I've seen it with both eyes
Never seen it as conceited, love's the source of all the strength, it's no disguise
That's how I see it from both sides now

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