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"APEsh*t (Remix)"

[Verse 1: Pat1Million]
One man mission tryna make a million
I'm in the cut with bout' 500 villains
He shot, why he hit the ceiling?
I'm in the streets and my heart don't got feelings
Creep up on that n*gga like a chinchilla
I'm tryna make it and then buy me a villa
Call me the M man I want a million
f*ck it n*gga give me a billion
f*ck it n*gga stack to the ceiling
That b*tch a fish and you know that I'm reeling
That n*gga lying you know that we gon kill him
Feel like I'm in Chicago like I had a drill
We ain't chasing no b*tches, we ain't popping no seals
Domestic remix and then he pay me in pills
Hit him with the Glock, I heard he got chills
Chop out dimensions, I feel just like will

[Verse 2: Pat1Million]
Post by the hill, feel just like jack and jill
High stakes game like deal or no deal
You don't know me you don't know how I feel
7 to 6 like the car off the wheel
Hunt that n*gga we gon take all his money
Traded the dub just to re-up on hundreds
Especially get it and flip it and punnel
I feel like I save if I threw him in a tunnel

[Verse 3: Trizzy]
Feelin like drake and I'm pleasin the culture
If the people want imma' give them another
Huntin for guap like I was a vulture
Flows gon swap ooh yeah
Mad n*ggas flop ooh yeah
Their b*tch wanna hop ooh yeah
n*gga im too sharp yeah
I ain't lackin where we had fought

[Verse 4: Trizzy]
Mad n*ggas blocking, mad b*tches clocking, like roaches except all eyes on you
n*gga I'm swerving, n*gga you hurting, n*ggas always tryna make a comeup off who?
My sh*t bumming, you just lunching, get used to using food stamps too
Shoutout Pat, where he at, my n*gga he stay in the stu

[Verse 5: Trizzy]
In the struggle where i had to be born
Back when all i wanted was food to afford
Other kids wanted to not be bored
Now I'm always gonna search for more
Racks on racks what im looking for
I'm skipping past the fame and the whores
I'm skipping past setbacks and the chores
Set my life up to my own accord
Thought ball's where i had to score
But thats not where i should go toward
Knew it for long i want to record
Not slowin down till i get an award

[Verse: Pat1Million]
2 Glock 40's taken outta the window
Hit the plug with a motherf*cking leg drop
Make sure that n*gga right in a dead lock
You see me, motherf*ckers dead stop
Ooh, baby, I'm tryna make the bed rock
You, crazy, if you think I'm getting shot
I bought out these streets with the mob stick
Thought we the same but n*gga we opposites
I kick a n*gga like this is now soccer
Hit the drugs by largo shoppers
Remix the remix send him to the doctors
Pharoah got on my belt stuck on the choppers
Have his mother singing like it's an opera
n*gga I'm feeling max like I'm sharper
Man f*ck it I'm done

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