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"If I Can't (Freestyle)"

[Intro: Jay-Z]
n*gga I can make four more albums off memory!
Ya’ll ain’t never goin be better than me
I’m a do this till I’m 80

[Verse 1]
Everybody wanna rhyme like Hov
Cause I rhyme like I be rhyming in the Rov'
Climbing in them hoes
Mind like a diamond, I’ll blind you at the shows
I don’t shine, I glow, I remind you of that dough, don’t I?
Did I? Hustle the game just the thought alone
Give me a boner Coach cater to a coma
Can’t out hustle a hustler, you can’t outplay a player
This rap sh*t is a layup
In my former biz motherf*ckers would spray ya
In the music biz motherf*ckers just say stuff
Spit on you and spray yeah n*ggas just play tough
When the cameras on, When the cameras gone
n*ggas want to set up meetings
‘Cause they know most likely when I see em’ I’m a set up a beating
Windows no tints, cars no rims
That’s because we handle ours like grown men
I ain’t touch a wheel since I drove the Bent
That’s cause it was a coupe, nah I ain’t souped
I was telling the truth and you Tom Cruise
You can’t handle it, handle it n*gga is what I do
I tried to be modest on Blueprint 2
But ya’ll don’t respect modest, ya’ll respect ma dollars
You got to believe I think like a artist
But my bills through the roof can’t do numbers like The Roots
No disrespect I be trying to disconnect
But n*ggas keep pulling me back in, I’m trapped in
My pops got a liver disorder
My whole living's disordered, and I just got his living room ordered
And you wonder why the chip on my shoulder is more like a brick or a boulder
You’ll understand maybe when you get older
Got a hundred n*ggas on your di*k saying you ought to record like this
Or what have you, n*ggas is back stabbing you
b*tches mad at you, ‘cause they can’t have you
Press want to know about the daughter of Matthew
Now it’s back to the hood again, all black hood again
Back to old ladies saying what I could’ve been
Back to the gats – you forgot I’m real good with them
They goin put a n*gga in jail, oh well

[Hook: 50 Cent]
If I can’t, do it, homie it can’t be done

[Verse 2]
I’m the one – I’m not the two not the three not the four the five
I take the pain from my life pour it all aside
Take my strain and my stride, take my ego and pride
Used them to kick down the door, brought my people inside
And I hope you, ain’t think I wrote this
To entertain you, cause that ain’t what I came to do
I will bang you, I will act like orangutans do
I give you hot wings turn n*ggas to angels
Understand my angle, I’m safety first, don’t make me act like the safety don't work
Tough n*ggas get it the worst, I’m begging you come for us
I’m giving motherf*ckers dirt comforters

Night night n*gga take a dirt nap… I know you hear the footsteps...

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