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"Ghetto Techno"

I'mma give y’all (Ghetto Techno) 5 seconds to call your waitresses
Get your patron, get ya ice buckets, get ya little shaker
Get it together
We going in tonight
If you on that Ace get ready to spray the club
Yeah, gonna need an umbrella tonight
I’m going in

Come on
(5) come on
(4) I said come on
(3… 2…1)

We make sure we pouring champagne
Marching away our sorrow
Cos we don’t wanna feel the damn pain
I hope I’m hungover tomorrow
Cos I don’t wanna feel a damn thing
No I don’t wanna feel a damn thing
Uh uh
No No

Now everybody throw a shot back
Shot back, shot back
Raise yo empty shot glass
Shot glass, shot glass
Survive more shots than Pac had
Pac had, Pac had
So pour a shot out for Pac and
Poppa and pop man

[Verse 1]
(Bring it back)
I be on that Vodka tryna twist a lime
I used to mix it with OJ
And cranberry all the time
But now I need it stronger
Got too much on my mind
I said I need it stronger
Got too much on my mind


[Verse 2]
Im on my new sh*t ghetto techno, uh
Jimi Hendrix, I’m so left mode
Southpaw Im an outlaw
Ace of Spades coming out of my pores
Peep the words coming out of my mouth
Ball harder than me n*gga not in my house
Y’all not in my league
So when I come in the club get em outta my seats
Blank checks in my banquet
Black cards and you already now what the name says
You can call me HOV I to the E, ah H-OVIE
I bus like Nastransit and y’all fake bust like Pamela Anderson
I ball like an NBA owner
You might wanna


[Verse 3]
Black diamonds in my neck glow, uh
Lights bouncing off my chain like a disco
Got me back to the old me
I’m in the club getting bucket after bucket like Kobe
In the clubs I MC
I bring models to the table like IMG
Honeys white but she dance black
Had to ask lil broad how she dance like that, uh
Me I’m doing me Im just going hard
Table full of Ace like a deck of cards
… rollin green up
We got 1 Oak looking like a lil' Wilhelmina
But I ain't doing nothing that can get back
I know half the club wanna twitter that
Tweet tweet, I smell the bird and the rap
But I ain't doing nothing but…


Johnny Patron haha, we got em
Ey I need a Methuselah
Not a magnum
I need a Methuselah
I need a bottle as tall as a 6 year old

Get ready
Ah ha, ah ha, ah ha
Ghetto techno
Ghetto techno
Ghetto techno, no no no

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