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DJ Kay Slay

"Stop Calling"

(Phone rings)
[Cam] Yo, pass me that phone, hello?
[Guy] Yo, yo, do I speak to Cam?
[Cam] f**k is this B? State ya name
[Guy] Yo, yo, ayo, you don't know me
Or nothing like that, though dog
But Yaknawhamsayin'? I keep it gully though
And sh*t like that though dog
But I'm trying, Knahamean?
[Cam] Hold up, hold up, hold up calm down man
You keep it gully and all this? What's going on
What's your name fam?
[Guy] Doggie, doggie, you don't know me doggie
n***as, n***as saying you f**king my girl and sh*t
You know what I'm saying? My n***a gutter told me and sh*t dog
I'm tryna find out, though what's popping and sh*t man, word up
Y'all n***as f**king my girl y'all n***as better tell me
Tell me or something B, word up
[Cam] Tell Mya, and tell you?
Calm, you're not even talking right dog
I mean who's your girl?
[Guy] Yo doggie, yo doggie you playing games?
You playing games doggie?
When I catch you doggie
It ain't gonna be so f**king funny doggie
Y'all n***as think it's all sweet, right?
You running around f**king n***as girl like that sh*t's to do
You think that sh*t's to do? That sh*t ain't gully doggie
I'ma catch you, word up (screaming, phone clicks)
[Cam] n***as is f**king crazy B, hello
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