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DJ Kay Slay

"Slap n*ggas"

[Verse 1: Saigon]
Catalyst raps, crackers out to add to the stats
They're manufacturing gats to kill Latins and blacks
If it ain't each other it's black on Latin or Latin on black
Both get a box, one in the dirt, one up in Adirondacks
These rappers on wax, was growing up
Their mom, dad, even cat was on crack
Yeah get on and yap on a track
Call it what you want, black hating or mad rap
All that material crap ain't abstract, sh*t's mad wack
My flow is here to show what the difference is
Blind folks follow a book in which they don't really know the significance
Religion ain't feeding babies or curing the sicknesses
These Jehovah's Witnesses need to open some businesses
Spitting with no specificness
Blow the mischief and show prolificness
Ain't too many MCs that could go the distances
Father had it on since Matawan, fought Babylon
Sick of y'all, pick a wall for your brain to get splattered on
Whoever said bad is wrong, never slept on a p*ssy mattress
In a cell on the same tier there's a faggot on
Hawked cause you got ratted on
Rough said a burner is like a magic wand
Abracadabra, crackers is gone (they gone)
Outta here (motherf**ker)
Wish I had a magic wand (f**k is y'all n***as talking bout)
And all y'all fake rapping n***as (hit em in the head n***a)
Answer me this:
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